When is it on?Check out the calendar page to see when and where to come.
Do I need to book?Just turn up on any of the dates, you do not need to contact us beforehand. Just drop your £2 into the pot and join in.
Is it a big group and who comes?We would normally expect around 20 or 30 people (see the actual numbers). Single or couples, young, middle aged or “older” and from all walks of life, everyone is welcome, as long as they come along to have fun.
Have a look at our gallery of photos We currently have 7 different callers, so you never know what style of dance to expect but it will always be fun.
What should I wear?We just wear normal clothes but be ready to remove a layer as you get a bit energetic.
Sensible fairly-flat shoes are recommended.
Do I need to bring a partner?About half of us come alone, so don’t worry. We encourage people to switch partners between dances, so just be brave and ask someone to dance. They will usually say Yes.
I have never done dancing before. Help!Your experience does not matter. The caller will always do a walk-through so you have time to understand the moves.
During the dance, the caller will remind you of what comes next. We are not professional dancers so if it goes wrong, just pick up where you can. We do sometimes get it right (but not often!).
The whole idea of the club is to have fun.
I have never been before – what happens when I arrive?There is usually someone there from about 7:30pm, so just come in and drop your £2 into the pot.
The organiser of the club will be around and the caller will be setting up. Just go up to someone and say “Hello. I’m new”. You will be made very welcome.
Do I have to dance all evening?The dances will start at 8pm.
As you would expect we have varying degrees of success, but the whole idea of the club is to have a good fun time, so don’t take it too seriously.
You can dance all the dances or, as most people do, sit out and watch some – it depends on how you feel.
Do I need to bring refreshments?The evening comes in two halves. At 9pm, we stop for about a quarter of an hour for a well earned break.
Tea coffee cold drinks and biscuits are served free of charge, and it is time to have a chat with your new friends before the second half.
Some people bring a water bottle to have during the dancing.
Is it the same every week?Every week is different. Even the second half will have a different caller to the first half.
Callers have different styles and dance preferences, so you may do gentle Traditional English dances in the first half, and switch to lively American Contras in the second half.