The club thanks the volunteers listed below who work to make the club successful.

Clive Blower – Coordinator/club leader and treasurer and opens the hall in Haslingfield.
David B and Daphne – Additional signatories to the club building society account.
Bob and Angela – Open the hall and organise refreshments in Harston.
Chris – Organise the refreshments in Haslingfield on club nights.
Paul – Organises which caller will do which evening.
Bruce – Organises booking the halls and ensures that the halls get paid the appropriate fee.
Bob – Updates the list of Dances we did.
Laura – Publicity.
Mary – Organises various social events
Piete – Checks the accounts each year for accuracy
Hugh – Website advisor/helper.

Thanks also to the many other helpers who take over from these people when they are not available and to the host of volunteers (you too, please) who make and serve the tea and wash up afterwards.
Everyday decisions specific to a role are made by these people. Larger decisions are decided by a vote on a club night.

By arrangement with Clive, anyone who spends money on behalf of the club can reclaim it using the Expenses Form (instructions included)

If anyone has any suggestions or concerns, they may refer to a person named above or contact Clive directly.

The Harston Folk Dance Club was created in 1994, meeting on alternate Tuesdays.
The Haslingfield Folk Dance Club was created in 1995, meeting on the other Tuesdays.
The two clubs were independent in all respects, but coordinated meeting dates to avoid clashes.
In November 2008, the two clubs merged to form Harston and Haslingfield Folk Dance Club.

The club is run in a friendly and cooperative manner. The club voted in 2012 that it did not want to have a committee or constitution.
(It is assumed that members of the club will act in a manner which is in the best interests of the club.)
This means that legally the club is an “unincoporated association”, which means that it is just a collection of people who work together for a particular aim.
The club is not a legal entity in itself.
Whilst we do not have an AGM, the club has voted Clive Blower to be in overall control, and he has declared that he will hand over leadership of the club to any person who is supported by the general membership.
There is no formal membership, but those people who come to meetings are deemed to be members for that term.

Club funds technically belong equally to the current members (in practice they are held in a building society account with three signatories, two are required for withdrawals).
The financial records/accounts are available for any member to inspect and an annual statement of finances is prepared at the end of each calendar year.

Typically 80% of the club’s income is spent on hiring the village halls, 10% is spent on refreshments. In the past any excess has been given to good causes suggested by members or sponsored free dance nights.

In 2019 the cost for an evening of dancing increased to £1.50. It had been £1 since the start of the group in 1994!